Multi-Family & Mixed Use

ADM Architecture’s experience with multi-unit and multi-family housing has grown extensively with the market over the past 5-10 years.  ADM has led design teams and projects in the Kitsap and King County markets, and also has teamed up with other firms from the Seattle and even the Scottsdale area for projects outside the immediate region.

ADM staff has been a part of creating the recently built Bellingham Airport Holiday Inn, totaling 151 rooms + conference areas + indoor pool + restaurant, equaling 130,000 square feet in a 4-story wood frame hotel with underground PT slab parking below the structure.  ADM has also designed many 4-15 unit wood-frame & concrete / metal structure style buildings and complexes throughout Kitsap and King counties.

Understanding the Pro Forma equations and the “dollars per door” construction goals of the developer clients ADM serves, has been critical to ADM’s ability to keep all aspects of the project in mind from initial site planning to bid set drawings for the GC, and construction observation for the owner as well.  Learning about markets, unit types / mixes / sizes that best meet the market needs of each developer client is a major component to making a project pencil for the client, and making ADM a high value team member for the development.