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Sample marketing place, site plan and concept building perspective by ADM.

Landlords & Agents

ADM Architecture offers landlords and leasing agents a unique opportunity to set yourself apart in this challenging market. With vacancy rates on the rise and rents on the decline, we will work with you to help you stand out to your potential tenants.

What ADM can do for you:

Contact ADM today for a quote. Multiple spaces and repeat clients receive discount rates.

Take ADM shopping for your next / new office space!

ADM Architecture provides it first TWO HOURS of consultation at no charge if you enter into a contract with us for your next tenant improvement office space design and permit drawings. You can go shopping for your new lease office space, and bring ADM along at NO CHARGE. Take advantage of this offer—that’s a $250 value to you, at no cost up front prior to finding your new / next office “home”! ADM has provided this service a number of times to local businesses.

We’ll spend about 30 minutes at your current office, looking at what works, what doesn’t, and what the “program” will be for your new space needs (more square footage, different flow / layout, better customer and client experience, better location?). Then, with a recommended local expert commercial broker / agent, we’ll spend about 90 minutes looking at a couple of available spaces in your community that would fit your needs. Landlords are struggling with a rise in vacancies and a drop in rent rates and terms that are favoring the tenant more than at any other time during the last 15+ years. Therefore, the commercial lease market is currently putting the tenant (you) in the driver’s seat as a potential occupant for the landlords. There is a lot to choose from out there that could increase your client visibility (location) or allow you to grow into a bigger space at a very attractive price point.

Don’t wait, take a look at your options for a better or bigger professional office space TODAY.

NOW is the time to TAKE A LOOK... and bring ADM along to help you assess your office space choices!