ADM Architecture, LLC

How Does ADM “Give Back” and “Pay It Forward”?

ADM and/or Aaron Murphy are personally involved in the following organizations:

Rotary Club of Poulsbo-North Kitsap

Aaron was named “Rotarian of the Month” for January, 2010. He is involved in multiple committees, including Club Service, organizing family-friendly social events for Rotarians; Community Service, heading up the local financial “giving” to our community; and Domestic Violence Prevention.

Kitsap Alliance of Resources for Elders (KARE)

Aaron is active in the educating and resource-sharing practices of KARE related to the aging population here in our county. ADM and Aaron, as a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), can provide clients with information on how to remodel their homes for better accessibility and “elder-friendly” environmental components, so they and/or their parents (and their caretakers) can function more efficiently, and the elder client can meet the ultimate goal — to stay at home, where they want to stay, with family and pets, vs. being forced to succumb to the expensive and challenging environment of life in a long-term care or skilled nursing-type facility location.

City of Poulsbo Parks & Recreation Department

Aaron is active as a commissioner on the City of Poulsbo Parks & Recreation Department Board. Past Poulsbo Mayor Kathryn Quade asked Aaron specifically to sit on the commission during her time in office. Under the current Mayor Becky Erickson, and Parks & Recreation Director Mary McCluskey, Aaron is currently designing the new Poulsbo Parks & Recreation building monument signage, and has also taken the lead on re-designing all of Poulsbo’s park entry signs and trail head signage, for “branding” and continuity within the community.

Washington Community Alliance for Self-Help

Aaron gives back through the Washington Community Alliance for Self-Help (CASH) by being a facilitator and mentor to the highest “Tier III” peer graduate group. The group meets twice a month to work through business start-up and other entrepreneurial challenges of beginning, running, and succeeding at owning your own small business. This is the highest graduate peer group; members each have personal goals for a full-time business and $50,000 or more in profits per years. We ask for P&Ls to come with you to the meeting, and all are “family” — we talk candidly about our business problems, and we trust each other to share stories, contribute to brainstorming, and solve problems at each meeting, for each individual in the room.